About Katherine Aucena


Hi! I’m Katherine Aucena, a former system programmer turned professional chef after graduating with honors from The French Culinary Institute. I am the creator of Fresalina, a cooking and home living website that is part of the BlogHer Publishing Network. I’ve worked for several TV shows. That is where my love for television started.


I am currently finishing a Bachelor of Arts from Montclair State University in Journalism. I consider myself an eternal student because I will never stop learning. I always say, the more you know, the better you are.


What you see here on Fresalina is basically what I am craving for (no matter the season,) the things I do in my life like decorating, painting (I love painting walls,) my dogs, gardening and the list goes on.


These are my two gorgeous Shih Tzus. Meet Ginger and Brownie, who believe they rule around in the house. No, seriously. They think my bed is their bed.

Ginger is the feisty and caring one. Brownie in the other hand is mellow. He would give you his paw anytime for a piece of Beggin’.


I enjoy making tomato fondue, poisson en papillote and sautéed breast and braised leg of duckling with orange sauce. I love any veal stock based sauce, and by love, I mean I am obsessed with it and would eat it like soup. Just ask my former culinary classmates. They would confirm it.

Thank you so much for visiting Fresalina. Have yourself a lovely day!

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