I am finally off for one week. All I want to do is be a couch potato. Plain and simple. When you are like me, every day is something new, overbooked, not sleeping enough and the list goes on, all you want is do nothing. It feels awesome that I don’t have to worry that something is due tomorrow. I am not completely free this week, but at least I get to breathe and COOK!

Yes, cooking. I am a chef. I am beyond tired of eating out. It’s a sacrifice. I know. But, if I don’t do it this way, my plans for 2015 won’t come go through.

Now, let’s talk about this recipe. I love carrot ginger soup. One thing I am very picky about is the fact that if you say you are giving me carrot ginger soup, then I better taste some ginger in it. My taste buds say two teaspoons are enough to make you taste it. One teaspoon is not enough. If you are a ginger lover, then go for it and add more. It is simple and tasty. It serves two as an appetizer. You can serve it as a hot amuse bouche in a shot glass for a larger crowd.

Bon Appétit!