Strawberry Mousse Roll



This recipe brings memories to me. I did it with a different filling during level 4 buffet in culinary school. I remember that everybody in my class had very difficult-to-execute (time-wise) ideas and recipes. I kept it simple and I shined. I felt so proud of myself. I still do.

I decided to share it here on Fresalina. It has always crossed my mind to do the pastry arts program. I love both sides. If I could only win the lotto, have 6 months to spare and do it. I wish. I wish. Have an awesome week and Happy Easter Sunday!

Bon Appétit!


Chocolate Mousse


This recipe is truly for chocolate lovers. It is a classic French chocolate mousse. It is made with French meringue (raw egg whites.) Very fluffy, elegant and not bitter. I always dislike any dessert that taste bitter at any point.


There are various ways to plate chocolate mousse. The best advice I can give you is to think how you want to serve it before you chill it. Once set, it won’t look the same if you play around with it. The easiest way to serve it is to pipe it using a piping bag and a star tip.

You can serve it with raspberry sauce, strawberry sauce and/or double chocolate sauce for those chocolate lovers. The options are limitless.

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Gyudon (Beef Bowl)


Ever since I was introduced to the Japanese cuisine, I was hooked with the beef bowl. It has rice. I like rice. It has beef and pickled ginger. I love meat and ginger root.

It is just the perfect combination in a small dish. They are usually served in a small bowl in restaurants. That is why I always order two. I know. I like to eat, but I need to nourish myself with good stuff and this dish is one of them.

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