The End of an Era

It feels like it was yesterday when I started this plan in my head of wanting to move to the South two years ago. My head was focused on one goal only, and that was finishing my B.A. in journalism, then move as soon as I can to try to get a job in a new market, which sometimes can be hard.

I was still completing my Associate of Arts in communications when I decided what the following two years would look like. What I never imagined was that my last semester would be mayhem. I had to make sacrifices like moving our belongings to a storage facility. It didn’t make sense to get a new place when I would be moving two months after. This is the reason why I can’t write about cooking these days because I don’t have my tool or a kitchen.

People say chefs are a diva and I am beginning to believe it too. I can’t cook in other people’s kitchen. Hardly anyone has the tools, pots and pans I use. I tried and it was a nightmare. I can cook in a professional kitchen but I go crazy in any other besides my own.

And to add to the madness, I had to take 21 credits in order to finish school on time this semester. It’s insane. Half the time I don’t remember my own name and I don’t know how I made it through. I find energy and strength where the tank is empty. My determination to accomplish all my goals for 2014 must be carrying me through the journey. It truly feels the end of an era.

I have been in the Northeast for eight long and cold years. I am grateful to have had the chance to live here. I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to study at the French Culinary Institute, work on TV or radio if I wasn’t living here. I am not sure where my life would be without them. They guided me to where I am today. Everything I’ve study is a big part of me. I love food as much as I love writing and producing for TV or radio.

I am happy to start a new home with my husband and dogs (Ginger and Brownie travel a lot) in a new place that is HOT!


Since we had a few items left and my car, we decided to drive down South stopping wherever we wanted to. One of those places was Washington, DC.

DC is beautiful with old architecture around the area. The photo above was from the balcony of our hotel room. It is minutes away from the Lincoln Memorial. It’s called Washington One Circle. I liked the hotel because they allow pets and it is not a dungeon. Ginger and Brownie were running back and forth in the room. It was quite big for a small hotel. The room has a small kitchen in it in a separate room. We just stayed for less than 10 hours but it was awesome to be able to sleep and not be in the car.


We spent thanksgiving on the road in North Carolina. Shout out to the State Trooper who helped us when we needed help. I shall write a post about things you shouldn’t do when moving across country.

I am excited about my future. I miss cooking dearly. I am counting down the days when the semester is over and I can reunite with my family and enjoy the warm weather awaiting for me.


New Everything


There are a lot of new things happening around here.

First of all… WE HAVE A NEW WEB DESIGN. I don’t know how I found the energy to do a new design because my life is so crazy right now. Moving across country, getting married, finishing school, internship, work and let’s not forget about HB, Ginger and Brownie.

I hope you like it. It has been two years since the last time I redesigned it. It was about time I give Fresalina little love.




Tuxedo White – Finger Lakes


Wines are my best friends lately. I look forward to Friday nights to have a glass a wine and awesome food because one is getting sick of college food with soda.

Tuxedo White – Finger Lakes


This is a smooth semi-sweet wine with peach and apple undertone flavors. It’s one of my favorite wines from this winery.

You can buy it at Penguin Bay Winery from the Finger Lakes Region in Upstate NY.
Price: $9.50

Food Pairings

This wine pairs perfectly with desserts, soft and hard cheese and cured meats.

Mango Mousse Cake

White Stilton Mango and Ginger Cheese