Pâte Sucrée


As we entered the fall season, we see different varieties of apples from Granny Smiths to Red Delicious being up for picking. Each variety has its own unique flavor. Apples are one of those fruits with many talents. You could use them for a delicious dish like couscous with cranberries, apples and herbs or to create sweet endings like cakes, pies or tarts.

This recipe is one of the basic French tart dough called pâte sucrée {sweet dough}. It is used for sweet tarts. I learned how to make it to perfection during my culinary training at The International Culinary Center.

This particular dough has a high sugar content that tenderizes it, giving a crumbly tart shell. Make an Apple Tart – Tarte Aux Pommes that will showcase your culinary skills and will take advantage of the apple-picking season!

Bon Appétit!

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