Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Q: What do you do with everything you cook?
A: What you see here on Fresalina, it’s basically called breakfast, lunch or dinner. We eat what I cook. I cook what I am craving for most of the time regardless of the season.

Q: Can I link to you?
A: Sure. Go ahead. Feel free.

Q: Do you work as a private chef?
A: I have worked as a private chef, but I am not at the moment.

Q: Do you develop recipes for companies?
A: Yes, I do. Contact me for rates and availability.

Q: What camera do you use?
A: For photography, I use a Nikon D700.

Q: Can I write an article for Fresalina?
A: Sorry, but no. It is a one-woman show!

Q: Does Fresalina do sponsored posts?
A: No, never!

Technical Questions

Q: How do I report a technical issue with the website?
A: If you would like to report any technical issue with the website, please contact us via email: contact (at)