Fresalina’s Dark and Rich Homemade BBQ Sauce

My passion for food is beyond just preparing or eating a meal. I love to learn about spices, ethnic foods and cultures. The world is a huge place and a magnificent one indeed.

A few months ago, I visited Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas. There, I got a taste of their food, specialty stores, and ethnic eateries right in the heart of the island.

A must on anyone’s list visiting the Bahamas has to be the rum cakes. They are delicious on any level and flavor. There are different kinds. My favorite was pineapple: simple yet mouthwatering.

One of the things I brought back home was hibiscus powder. It caught my eye. I have known about the flower my entire life. This plant is everywhere in the Dominican Republic yet I never knew it can be such a great spice.

Upon returning home, I researched on ways to use hibiscus in the kitchen. It can be used as a natural dye and it gives a tart flavor, which brings me to my BBQ sauce. I wanted to create a nice and dark sauce without any artificial food coloring but maintain the flavors and richness.

Hibiscus powder was a great find down in the Bahamas. It reinforces my love for visiting places, discovering new things and creating memories.

Have yourselves a lovely Memorial Day!


Bon Appétit!