Starting The Year With Really Cold Temperatures


The year started cold and I really mean cold. Ginger and brownie got new clothes to cover their little bodies. It is so cold for them that they don’t even want to go potty outside.

I have bought booties for them in the past, but they never liked them. I feel for their paws. Such cold temperatures are dangerous. Protect your pets and be careful out there.


A Nail Polish I Am Obsessed About


If you are looking for a natural look for your nails, then this is it. I have been after this color for a very long time. Others similar to this are either too light or too pink. The Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure 340 Sweet Talker is pure perfection.


I simply love it. My manicure last quite some time, even after washing dishes, cleaning the house and washing my hair. These are activities that usually ruin your manicure.


Another color I am obsessed about is Angel Bite, an incredibly sultry deep red. But, good luck finding it. It is one of the special edition colors influenced by Prabal Gurung’s spring collection. Sally Hansen should bring it back. It’s phenomenal.

This is not a paid advertisement. I simply love to color my nails.


Reaching The End of The Season

Summer is almost over, and that means that my plants got a few weeks to live before they start going dormant, unless I bring them inside the house, which I will for some of them.


Unfortunately, the tomatoes are not part of the group. All the herbs are coming inside, except the basil and including the avocado trees.


I planted four seeds and they all have roots already, but only one has leaves. This is an amazing plant. The leaves “go” to sleep at night and “wake up” in the morning {go upward at night and open during daytime}. Isn’t Mother Nature amazing?


I haven’t done anything with these two: Tarragon and Sage. They grow so slow. I’m not picking any until they have a healthy size.

It applies to Sweet Marjoram {right side} as well. This plant barely has any roots. In fact, they are very small. It has maintained the same size for 3 months now.


Now, the basil grew like crazy. I don’t think I have ever let get it to the point where they have flowers. Do you want basil? Feel free to come to my garden!


The bees love, love Italian oregano. Every time I go outside, there is a bee on the flowers. If only I could get the bees to pollinate two of my tomato trees. I grew them from scratch and they didn’t give any tomatoes whatsoever. And I do have flower plants to attract them, but still. This is why we need bees.

We have a corner where the plants will be that acts like a greenhouse. This is where we started growing herbs at the beginning of the year.


This has nothing to do with gardening, except that she follows me every time I go outside. My dogs sniff around every plant, and they even taste some of them. I’ve noticed they don’t eat the leave, but they grab it, taste it and spit it out. That is weird.


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