Reasons To Wear The Right Bra


We all go out shopping and as soon as we see the SALE sign at that store we love, we buy that bra we shouldn’t be buying. A bra is the hardest-working piece of garment you’ll ever own. It not only supports your breasts, but it keeps your body looking trim and it helps prevent shoulder strain. These are reasons why you should be getting the ideal bra for you and for the occasion.

Good Support

This is the number one reason to wear the right bra ladies! You need good support in order to keep your breasts in the right place, especially if you are doing sports. Wearing a bra shouldn’t be uncomfortable, even though we all know once we go home, that’s the first thing you want to take off!


This is one of the most common mistakes we make when we are buying a bra. If it is a loose, it is uncomfortable because the bra moves. If it is too tight, it hurts because you feel squeezed. An ill-fitting bra can cause back, neck or shoulder pain. Buy it because it fits you, not because it is pretty.


Think about the outfit when choosing a bra. Will you need a strapless bra? Or maybe a seamless one? Remember that you can be sending the wrong message when wearing the wrong bra. Like wearing a lace bra with a simple T-shirt. It will show. But think beyond the T-shirt bra. Buy a variety of styles that compliment your wardrobe. Add a convertible bra (I love them!) or a strapless one to your collection to get more freedom to experiment with different types of tops.


Summer is Here!

I have been waiting to say those words for an eternity. I am a summer baby. Born and raised in a 90-degree weather for 19 years.

We all suffer for 9 months in the crispy cold weather until we get to summer. Why? Why? After last winter, I said to myself that this is it. No more winter for me.

I am so excited. This is my last summer in the Northeast. I was so mad when some of my plants died last February, I decided to move. Period. Big changes this year for me, and they all involve Ginger.


Yes, my life revolves around this dog. I want to go somewhere for hours, she need a sitter. I need to travel, she needs a sitter. I get in my car, she thinks she is going too. Ginger and Brownie have become such family members, that my father prepares them a piece of chicken every night at 9pm without missing it. They are spoiled and I am OK with it.


Look what we got here: pineapple. When I bought the pineapple plants, they were barely alive. They now look a thousand times better and definitely getting bigger. So are my Haas and Dominican avocados.


This is one of my favorite plants. If you don’t use the chives after a certain time, they die and more come along. It is the perfect plant. Plus it survived winter by a window inside the house.


This guy will always sneak out every chance he gets.


And this lady will always try to show off her ‘tongue’ skills in front of the camera.


Starting The Year With Really Cold Temperatures


The year started cold and I really mean cold. Ginger and brownie got new clothes to cover their little bodies. It is so cold for them that they don’t even want to go potty outside.

I have bought booties for them in the past, but they never liked them. I feel for their paws. Such cold temperatures are dangerous. Protect your pets and be careful out there.


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