7 Must-Have Hair and Beauty Tools

These are my must-have hair and beauty tools that I can’t live without.

Assorted Sizes Hair Rollers

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I use hair rollers every week. They help me straighten my hair without damaging it.

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7 Cool Kitchen Tools and Gadgets

Kitchen tools and gadgets make my life easier in the kitchen. These are 7 cool ones to have available in your kitchen.

Cheese Grater and Serving Plate

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Grate any cheese for your dish with this very convenient kitchen tool. It comes with a white oak wood dish.

Price: $49.99
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Visiting Philadelphia


I went to Philadelphia over the weekend. Boy, it was trip. My friend’s car got stolen meters away from her front door on my last day. Did it have to happen while I was there? Wow! Anyway… Off to the good stuff.

I just love old architecture, therefore, I felt right at home in Philly. The downtown area was just lovely. We tried a few restaurants and walked around a lot.


It was raining all weekend long. Umbrellas were our best friends at all times.


Can we just look at this house? It is a work of art and very cute. I hope it is functional inside because it looks like a tuna can from the outside.


This little garden was lovely. There was a wedding happening at it. The bride was so cute. Yes, I peeked. I also saw a wedding party in a trolley. I swear I could get married in downtown Philadelphia. Hint, hint!


This is the entrance to Washington Square Park. I didn’t get to go around the park. Shame. Maybe next time.


Downtown Philadelphia was nice. I had a good time catching up with my old classmate. Perfect end to the summer.


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