Decorating For Halloween


The house is officially a haunted hotel. I took all of my decor out for Halloween and converted this sweet home into a terrifying place. Prepare yourself to see spiders and pumpkins hanging from the ceiling.

I love getting to this season. It’s the best part of the year, where you let your mind blow away and decorate non-stop. Nothing is wrong. From skeletons to a giant witch on the wall.

I went to a dollar store and bought all my decor for $20 or less, which is great and you could save it for next year. That’s what I do.


This not-so-little guy is hanging in the hallway. He’s supposed to scare you from the moment you step in, but instead he makes you want to grab him and steal it because of his pretty eyes.


You can simply place these on the windows. Every window has a few on them.


Tell me you don’t like this bear. He’s just adorable.


I like these leaves very much. I might leave them {pun intended} on the window throughout the fall, even if Halloween is over. See? I’m weird.


If you are having a gathering or a party, you gotta have cupcakes…


Or pins for hor d’ oeuvres.


These paper pumpkins are hanging along with the spider. . Must be like 15 or 18 of them. I lost count.

You can decorate and not break the bank. What are you doing for Halloween?


P.S. I like orange.

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    Sally said:

    I like the paper pumpkins. They are cute. I wish I could get some like that around here. Happy Halloween :)

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