Dog Grooming Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

When I first got Ginger, my female Shih Tzu, I immediately took her to the grooming salon to cut her nails and cut the fur around her private areas. It was awesome. She looked beautiful. She even got a bow and I only paid $12. The next time I took her, it hit my pocket big time. I said never again. Since she was no longer a puppy, meaning she was older than 15 weeks old, the whole bath/haircut package costs $65. She is a small dog after all. I thought, I can do this myself and save the money.

I bought a hair cutting kit. It was meant for human hair. It was a nightmare. I would spend a good three hours to groom both of them. It is not design to go through a dog’s fur, especially when their fur is tangled.


Two weeks ago, I decided to buy a pet clipper kit at Walmart. It is cheap. It even costs less than the one we got back then for human hair that I used just for the pets. It’s Wahl Pet-Pro and it only costs $29.97.

It is pure miracle. It goes through their fur like nothing, even when it is mad tangled. You can use it again, and again and again. Oil it after you use it, keep it clean and it’ll be good.

My only advice would be to be careful around sensitive areas, like around the legs {under}. Their skin could get caught in between. Once you master it, it is genius.


This is Brownie in winter time. All full of fur.


And this is Brownie circa spring/summer times. It took me 45 minutes to give him a haircut, because he was very tangled in his back.


I even did him a Mohawk on him. Isn’t he handsome? My Brownie!


Ginger pretty much all year round.

Ginger doesn’t get as tangled as Brownie does, plus she gets cold easily.


Hers took less than 15 minutes. It was a trim with the #4 clipper.


Save money and learn how to groom your dog. Maybe you could buy a nice pair of shoes with that money. That is what I did. Shhhhh


This is not a paid advertisement. I really love Wahl Pet-Pro. They have no clue who Fresalina is. Peace.

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