Homemade Tomato PinCushions


If you are like me, then you love crafts. If you craft, then you have a bunch of pins all over the place. This is the perfect piece to store pins.


In today’s world, pincushions play a very important role. It is a collectible that comes in many, many, many forms and colors.


You can make your pincushion with the color of your choice. You can play with the colors and make a purple tomato. They all look cute anyway.

You need a 11″ x 9.5″ felt sheet for the base and another 4″ x 4″ for the top.


You will also need a sewing needle and thread.


Using a template, mark the base on the felt and cut it.


Do the same with the top part form the template.


Sew a running stitch all around the perimeter. Place leftover fabric or felt in center of the base, and gather into a pouch. Stuff with some more, pull thread to cinch, and tack with stitches until it becomes a ball.

Sew or glue the top.


See how easy it is to make a pincushion.


My favorite is the yellow one. Oh yes, It is. Adorable!


You can use the template that I especially made for you, and you and you. What other forms of pincushions do you have or have seen?

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    OMG This is brilliant & so easy! :) Great post!

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    Conni said:

    I like the idea of making it at home. Thanks

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