Out of all the greens you can use to make pesto, arugula is by far my favorite. There are different ways to make it. If you are planning to freeze it or simply save it for a long period of time, I suggest you blanch the leaves. Why? It will help maintain the pesto. If you don’t blanch the leaves, it might turn dark; in fact, it will over time.

This recipe is for a small quantity. I make a huge batch of arugula pesto and freeze it in small containers, using one at a time.


I make fettuccine with arugula pesto. Sometimes I add tomatoes, other times I add shrimp as well.

Sauté some minced shallots, add tomatoes or shrimp, then deglaze it with white wine. Incorporate the pasta and pesto. Boom! That is what I call dinner. Well, it was dinner two days ago. It is delicious and simple. The fact that I could make the pesto in advance, makes my life easier.

Bon Appétit!