I. Am. Done. With. School. Say those words out loud. Well, not really. I am doing an internship this summer, therefore, I am free for week that it. I take what I can. You can find me in a couch near you watching repeats of Orphan Black. One word: obsessed. Love that show. I actually mentioned it during my interview for my summer internship.

Speaking of the internship… I am so excited for this summer. I’ll tell you all about it in about two weeks. This is my last summer in NYC before I graduate from Montclair State and move away. It will be unforgettable. I’m feeling it.

Now, let’s talk about this recipe. Boy, is this recipe long? It really is not. Unless you own a blast freezer (extremely cold), it will take around 40 hours to make this cake from beginning to end. Don’t be intimidated. It reminds me of the Opera Cake, which is very similar in the sense of layers on top of layers. If you love mango like I do, you will love this dessert. You can make a simpler version of just one layer plus the miroir glaze. I prefer it with both layers. It makes it look much more eye-catching. The bottom cake is the same as the top one, just double the ingredients. The mousse is the same. Just make it twice in separate occasions when the cake is ready.

I prefer to use Champagne (Ataúlfo) mangoes to make the mousse and glaze. It is not sour. It is sweet and creamy and the seed is relatively small. Other kinds will need an outrageous amount of sugar and still be somewhat sour. I tried it with Haitian mangoes I got from the market. It wasn’t good. I added double the amount of sugar I use in this recipe and it was still very sour. Taste the mango. Use any kind as long as it is not sour.

You can keep it in the refrigerator for no more than 5 days after it is completely done.

Bon Appétit!