Passion Fruit Tart with Mango Coulis, Dried Strawberries and Swiss Meringues

Hello again! I am back blogging. It took awhile but I am finally set up at home and cooking more than ever. I LOVE it here. I finally feel at home and for the first time in two years I can cook and bake at my heart’s content.

Since the chef has arrived in town, I am doing my creations left and right. I made these for New Year’s Eve dinner. They were a hit. The recipe brought back memories of culinary school. Tarts hold a special place in my heart.


I got the passion fruit from my uncle’s backyard and their tanginess is perfect for a tart. The shell is Pâte Sablée.

I garnished the tarts with mango coulis, dried strawberries and Swiss meringues.

I dried strawberry slices with a dehydrator I bought on sale almost a year ago and used it for the first time with these. I love it. Now I want to make beef jerky.

The powder on the plate is made out of dried strawberries. I used a grinder to make it, then pass it through a fine chinois to remove the seeds.

If you want to make a big tart instead of mini ones, use the same recipe. You can see the procedure here with the Lemon Tart.

Never forget the “baking beans” to hold down the shell during the first round of baking.

Cheers to 2015. May the year bring joy to you, your loved ones and, of course, lots of cooking.